Who Made Bitcoin?


The answer is a mystery.
Bitcoin was launched under a pseudonym:


Satoshi Nakamoto


It’s our speculation that Bitcoin’s invention required multiple people’s effort and expertise. Likely, no one person can take credit for creating Bitcoin. As such, the collaborators opted to release Bitcoin under a pseudonym.


In our opinion the mystery of Satoshi’s identity is a benefit. The absence of a founder forced a community to emerge and develop Bitcoin.



Who is in charge of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a community driven project. There is no company or CEO that oversees Bitcoin.

That’s the genius of Satoshi. By removing that figurehead, Bitcoin’s growth is not tied to the vision of one party. As problems arise, those involved in the Bitcoin community work to solve them.

The community is vast and they differ on ideas and solutions. There's a healthy competition to solving the problems.
In our opinion, this is a positive.



The Bitcoin community is open to the public. There are a number of ways to join:


Anyone can own or send Bitcoin

Anyone can mine Bitcoin.

Anyone can contribute to Bitcoin's community.





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